Refund Policy




The Storm Soccer Club Refund Policy has been updated to provide guidance regarding the process and timelines for refunds as well as the applicable amounts. While we understand that individual circumstances may change, the Club must also consider financial commitments it has made.

a) Refund requests shall be submitted in writing (email shall suffice) to the Registrar and President.

b) An administration fee of $40 will apply against all refunds.

c) Prior to start of the Winter season on January 19th, 2021 a full refund is available less the Administration fee of $40.

d) Following the start of practice, but before January 29th 2021, a 50% refund will be provided.

e) No refunds will be provided after Feb 12st, 2021.

f) In an extreme circumstance where the player has been injured during a Storm sanctioned event and that injury prevents them from playing further as attested by the attending physician, a prorated refund for the portion of season missed will be provided.

g) If a program is cancelled by Storm, Soccer Nova Scotia or Public Health prior to the start of the Winter Season, a full refund will be provided less credit card fees (no Admin fee). If a program is cancelled after the Winter Season has started, refunds will be prorated.

h) Refunds will only be issued upon the return of the game jersey and any borrowed equipment.

i) Any exceptions to the policy must be approved by the Storm Executive. Requests must be submitted in writing (email).