Refund Policy



(a) Refund requests shall be submitted in writing (email shall suffice) to the Executive.

(b) A full refund may be granted as long as Soccer Nova Scotia (SNS) fees have not been paid for the player, less a $20 administration fee. 

(c) If SNS fees have been paid and it is within the first two (2) weeks of the start of the season; then the SNS fee will be deducted from the registration fee and the remaining full amount of registration fees will be refunded, less a $20 administration fee.

(d) If a refund request is received after the first two (2) weeks of the start of the season then a pro-rated amount of registration fees, less the SNS fee will be refunded based on the remaining time in the season, less a $20 administration fee.

(e) In an extreme circumstance; where the player has been injured during a Storm sanctioned event and that injury prevents them from playing; dependant on the timing of the injury; the full fees less the SNS fee will be refunded. Documentation from an appropriate medical professional will be required to substantiate the request. (Medical refund is not subject to the $20 administration fee).