"Meet Our Youth Coaches" Series Continues.....


In part three of our "Youth Coaching" series, we are shining the spotlight on a real changemaker....Coach Neve McCormack! Her braids flying behind her as she hits the pitch, she is empowering her young players to grow in confidence and develop a passion for soccer.....

In today's world, there is not a sport that girls or women do not play or excel at. As girls soccer continues to grow, it is vital that more female coaches get in the game. In this spirit, we are pleased to introduce Coach Neve McCormack, the second of two females to be featured from Storm's "Youth Coaching" program. 


Why is having a female coach important for young girls development in soccer? There are a myriad reasons, perhaps most importantly that having a female coach is easier for girls to relate to. Players may be able to express themselves easier with a female coach, they may feel more confident to demonstrate a skill or simply ask a question. Coach Neve began her coaching journey this past April, by helping with our Mini Spring sessions. "I first volunteered for the Mini sessions in order complete my volunteer hours for a program at my school, Neve explains. She added, "I discovered how much I love coaching and decided to stay on for the summer because I really enjoyed it." 

Prior to starting the summer session, Neve completed her "Making Ethical Decisions" (MED) workshop, a course which Soccer NS requires for all coaches. Coursework completed, Neve hit the pitch in order to gain invaluable "hands on" experience under the mentorship of Mini Technical Director, Coach Mark Harper. "I've learned how to keep the players invested in the team", says Neve. She continues, "I can help establish a team bond between the players. I also love learning new drills and showing them to the kids." 

Coach Neve has already learned that coaching our youngest age group (U6, which is made up of 5yr old players) can be an amazing experience, but it also takes a lot of focus and energy. "The most challenging part of coaching is probably trying to keep the kids entertained for the entire practice", explains Neve. "It can be difficult to hold their attention while explaining drills." Clearly she is up for the challenge though, as Neve says the most fun part of coaching for her is hanging out with the kids. "Their energy is unbelievable'" she says. It's so much fun to see them running around and enjoying themselves". 

When asked if she would be continuing her coaching journey, Neve responds with a resounding yes. "Coaching is something that I really enjoy. I love influencing the future players of Nova Scotia." She went on to add, " I plan on helping to build the future of Storm. Storm has always been about fairness and treating all the kids with respect, they've always promoted equity and the player's well being above all else." 

Storm is grateful that Coach Neve has made the decision to focus her volunteer energies with our Minis. The young girls in our program have a great role model to look up to and perhaps they will follow in her footsteps someday.

Thank you, Coach Neve, for joining our Storm team of coaches!