"Meet Our Youth Coaches" Series continues.....


Energetic. Flexible. Creative. Reliable. Committed. Passionate. Team player. These are all traits of a great volunteer and our next Youth Mini Coach to be featured has all the makings of a dedicated, lifelong volunteer. Introducing Coach Eric Fleet....


Since Storm’s inception in 2010, our fledging Club has flourished from a start-up group of 75 players and a handful of coaches, to a growing Club of 300+ members. Storm has a dedicated team of 40+ coaches, a roster of team managers and is managed by a 13 person board. What is important to note about all of these hard working people….? They are ALL volunteers! For the past seven years, our community of coaches, managers, fundraisers, board members, parents and players have all spent countless hours building the foundation of Storm. They are a passionate, committed group that takes pride in watching Storm’s evolution, from its humble beginnings to the tight-knit community Club it is today.  

With this in mind, we invite you to meet Coach Eric Fleet, a long time Storm player who has come full circle in his time with the Club and is now a member of our volunteer pool.  Still a player for our U21 team, Eric has also carved out time the past two summer seasons to give back to the Club that he has been a part of for so long, by taking on the role of a Mini Coach.  When asked why he wanted to coach, Eric replied enthusiastically, “It looked like so much fun, I had to jump right in!”

While balancing school and a part-time job, Coach Eric prepared for this summer of coaching by taking part in the Soccer NS mandated Making Ethical Decisions (MED) workshop, as well as completing his “Active Start” coaching certification. Recognizing now the time involved in volunteer work, Eric said, “Coaching has taught me to have even more respect for volunteers.” 

Under the mentorship of Mini Technical Director Coach Mark Harper, Eric is gaining valuable “on the pitch” experience alongside his team of Mini coaches. “The best part about coaching is seeing the kids get excited to do the drill you're running.” Eric continued, “One of my challenges is keeping track of all of them, because you can never get them to stay still for very long.” Even with his Minis on the move, Eric is keen to help them develop some foundational skills. “We are working on taking a touch and look up, instead of just kicking the ball away.”
Coach Eric said his coaching experience with Storm, while challenging, has been fun. He sees himself continuing his coaching journey as long as the fun factor remains. Eric is pleased to be contributing to Storm’s development and success, “What I really like about Storm is that we started small, but we now have teams winning tournaments and placing in their leagues.”  

Well, Coach Eric, it’s thanks to dedicated volunteers like you that have given their time and effort over the years to grow Storm into the amazing community Club it is today. Thanks, Coach!