Kick starting a coaching journey....


Coach Ben Barel

Storm Mini Technical Director Mark Harper has a passion for coaching soccer and his gusto appears to be spreading to our older Storm players. First in a series introducing our young coaches in the Storm Coaching Program, we invite you to meet Coach Ben Barel.....


Coach Mark Harper, Mini TD


Always on the lookout for enthusiastic, engaged coaches, it occurred to Coach Mark that he had an untapped resource right here at Storm. Mark has his gaze fixed on our pool of older Storm players who already know and love the game that he has such zeal for.

With this in mind, four years ago, Mark created a mentorship program. His desire is to give our Storm players an opportunity to learn what it takes to become an effective soccer coach. "It's very important for Storm to think about the next generation of coaches coming through". says Coach Mark. He continues, "Our mentorship program is the perfect way to get this going, creating a foundation for the Club moving forward."

When asked what the benefits are for participants in his program, Mark replied, "They get coaching certifications paid for by the Club. These sessions, combined with "hands on" experience at the field, ensures that our young coaches acquire a deeper understanding of the game." Mark added, "They begin to understand the importance of giving back to their community and have fun in the process."

If one of our players was interested in participating in the Storm Coaching Program, Mark explains what they should do. "Talk to one of our young coaches, get a better idea of what is involved and the commitment required." Interested players can also approach Mark at our home field, where you will find him Tuesday's and Thursday's monitoring the progress of his protégés with encouragement and support. 

Introducing.....Coach Ben Barel

Featured here is U17A Ben Barel, who has been working with Mark and his U6 / U8 Minis for the past two summer seasons. Coach Ben has completed his Making Ethical Decisions (MED) workshop this past spring, as well as acheived his "Active Start" certification.

When asked why he wanted to volunteer coach with Storm, Ben replied, "I wanted to help out the Club and learn how to coach." He continued, "I really have fun working with the players and I am learning a lot". Coach Ben said that he finds one of the most challanging things so far in his coaching journey has been explaining concepts to large groups. With guidance from his mentor Mark (and taking cues from his own Storm coaches), Ben said he is learning to help his players develop new skills in a fun environment. Ben likes the idea of continuing his coaching journey with Storm. One of his top tips for his Minis...? "Take your time and not be afraid of the ball." 

Committing to coaching for the summer is by no means a small undertaking, but Ben still manages to carve out time to have fun with his friends, get his school work done and travel. When asked what he likes best about Storm Soccer, he replied, " I experience things you wouldn't learn at other clubs. I love that our Club promotes equal playing time for everyone."

Thanks to Coach Ben (and his crew of young coaches) for giving back to the are an important part of our dedicated volunteer base.

Stay tuned in the weeks to come to meet more of our Coaches participating in the summer program!