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Rule of Two Policy

When a Storm Soccer Club Coach, Volunteer Coach, Assistant Coach or Manager is in a potentially vulnerable situation with any child (example - locker roomor meeting room), another Storm Soccer Club Coach, Volunteer Coach, Assistant Coach, Manager or the parent/guardian of the player(s) must be present.

Rule of Two Policy

In any one-on-one situation with any Storm Soccer Club child, there must be a Coach, Assistant Coach or Manager of the same gender present, or the player'sparent/guardian must be present.

Note - This includes electronic devices such as SMS messaging and private chat applications.


Ultimately, the Rule of Two states that there will always be two screened and NCCP trained or certified coaches with an athlete, especially a minor athlete, when in a potentially vulnerable situation. This means that any one– on–one interaction between a coach and an athlete must take place within earshot and view of the second coach, with the exception of medical emergencies.


The Rule of Two serves to protect minor athletes in potentially vulnerable situations by ensuring that more than one adult is present. Vulnerable situations can include closed doors meetings, travel, and training environments. 


In the event where screened and NCCP trained or certified coaches are not available, a screened volunteer, parent, or adult can be recruited. In all instances, one coach/volunteer must reflect the genders of the athletes participating or be of an appropriate identity in relation to the athlete(s). The following sequential list depicts the “staircase approach” to the Rule of Two. While the Gold Standard is the preferred environment, it is not expected that it will be reached at all times. The alternatives presented, although increasing risk, are acceptable and would be considered to be in alignment with the Rule of Two. The one–on–one interaction between a coach and an athlete without another individual present, as depicted at the lowest rank in the sequential list, is to be avoided in all circumstances.

1. Two certified coaches (Gold Standard)

2. One trained coach & one screened adult

3. One coach & two athletes

4. One coach & one player (Not to happen)

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