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Soccer ball and cleats

Storm Soccer Club offers high quality and affordable soccer for players of all ages and ability levels. Players come to Storm Soccer at different stages in their soccer career. Some play purely for fun while others aspire to make Provincial and National Teams.


Storm Soccer Club are pleased to announce that they are a Canada Soccer Club Licensing Program, Quality Soccer Provider.


This Program is designed to guide Soccer Club’s throughout the country toward best principles for organizational development both on and off the field.


The principles of the Canada Soccer Club Licensing Program are grounded in values which guide the behaviour for all organizations and can be utilized to inform choices, establish impacts, and drive outcomes. 


The Canada Soccer Club Licensing Program Principles are as follows:


  • Prioritize Fun

  • Emphasize Physical, Mental, and Emotional Safety

  • Provide Developmentally-Appropriate, High-Quality Programs

  • Maximize Attraction, Holistic Personal Development, Progression, and Long-Term Engagement

  • Focus on Participant-Centred Decision Making

  • Foster Accessible, Inclusive, and Welcome Environments

  • Act as a Good Corporate and Community Citizen


U5 – U7 - Timbits

U8 - U11 - Skills Centre

U12 – U18 – Youth (we offer both Community and Competitive options)

U15AA and U18AA - High Performance

U17AAA - High Performance

U18 and above - Senior


Practice only options are also available for U10 – U18

Storm Soccer Player.jpg


Storm Soccer Club is pleased to announce that they are using a registration software called RAMP Registration, which is the platform of choice by Soccer Nova Scotia. The RAMP Interactive Registration provides a better experience for our members and for our club. 


This new registration system is widely used across the country and across multiple sports. Those who have used it in the past to register for other sports will be able to access the Storm Soccer Club registration platform by simply logging into your existing RAMP account. For those who are new to RAMP you will need to create a new account which is simple and easy to do. 

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