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Storm Soccer Club offers fun and competitive development for players of all skill levels. Teams and players will be placed where they can be challenged, grow, and maximize their enjoyment of this “Beautiful Game”. The Technical Committee assess and observe players registered in this program during the first two weeks of practice before finalizing the recommended program for both the players and team.


Every player is unique, and Storm understands how important it is to appreciate the differences between players at various age levels. 


Storm Soccer Club uses the Canada Soccer Grassroots Standards which are designed to create the best possible learning and development environment for all young players who join us. 


Storm Soccer knows that a player’s soccer technique—which revolves around core skills such as dribbling, shooting, fakes, turns, controlling the ball, and passing will improve through:


  • Getting lots of touches on the ball

  • Fun competitions that motivate players to use different techniques

  • Receiving positive feedback

  • And most importantly, the opportunity to have fun and make friends!


The Storm Program will help players develop a feel for the ball in increasingly large areas by continuing to work on fundamental techniques like dribbling, shooting, faking, turning, and passing. While having fun is still a key motivator, discipline will become more and more important as players transition from “training” to “game-playing.” 


Storm Soccer Club is focused on creating a positive environment that is supportive, warm, and welcoming, ensuring that all our players and young people are happy and safe.

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Practice Schedule:

Our Youth Teams practice twice a week. The practice schedule for each season will be released and posted on the website, as well as sent via email to all those who have registered. The costs below also take into account balancing and placement sessions for U12 and above which start 2 - 3 weeks before the official season begins. Information regarding these sessions will be sent via email to those registered in advance.


For the Spring/Summer season, practices start the first week of May and finish at the end of August.


For the Winter season, practices start the first week of October and run until the last week of February. There is always a two-week Holiday break in December.

Fees 20-weeks:

U10 Boys and Girls (Born 2014) - $300

U10 (Practice only) - $225

U11 Boys and Girls (Born 2013) - $300

U11 (Practice only) - $225

U12 Boys and Girls (Born 2012) - $375

U13 Boys and Girls (Born 2011) - $395

U15 Boys and Girls (Born 2009) - $415

U18 Boys and Girls (Born 2006) - $415

U12 - U18 (Practice only) - $315

Parents to Provide:

Storm Practice Kit (Available for purchase. Prices listed under FAQs on Information Hub)

Sneakers or cleats

Shin Pads

Water Bottle


For specific questions relating to uniform, you can email our Clothing Director John Saunders at:

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