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Playing with a cast

Playing with a cast


Players who have been medically cleared to play soccer with a cast may be allowed to participate in games and practices, subject to the following conditions:

  1. The cast must be fully covered by a soft padded material or cast cover, to prevent injury to other players.

  2. The cast must be made of a lightweight material to minimize the risk of injury to the player wearing the cast.

  3. The player must present written clearance from their doctor, stating that they are fit to play soccer with the cast.

  4. The player must inform their coach and teammates of their condition and limitations, and must not participate in any activity that could cause further injury to themselves or other players.

  5. The decision to allow a player with a cast to participate in a game or practice will ultimately be made by the coach, based on their judgment of the player's ability to play safely and effectively.

In the event that a player with a cast is allowed to play, the coach must ensure that appropriate precautions are taken to minimize the risk of injury. This may include modifying drills or exercises, or restricting the player's involvement in certain activities. The coach should also monitor the player closely throughout the game or practice to ensure that they are not experiencing any discomfort or further injury.

Overall, the safety of all players on the field should be the top priority, and any decision to allow a player with a cast to participate in soccer games and practices should be made with that in mind.

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