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Financial Aid

Families can sometimes face financial barriers which can prevent their children from participating in organized sport. To assist families with payment, there are organizations that offer financial assistance for children registering in sports programs.

Financial Aid

KidSport grants are awarded based on financial eligibilty, and a child can receive up to $300 per calendar year to help offset the cost of organized sport registration and/or equipment.

Jumpstart is designed to provide assistance to those who, due to lack of funds, would otherwise be unable to participate in sport, art, cultural, and recreation activities.

In keeping with our Club philosophy, it is Storm Soccer’s goal to make our program accessible to any youth from our community, regardless of skill or socioeconomic situation. In this spirit, we are offering a limited number of scholarships, open to any player who meets the following criteria:

1. The Player must first apply to KidSport NS, and show completed application/approval to Storm Soccer Club.

(Information on KidSport application can be found by clicking here.)

2. The gross family income must be within the following ranges to qualify:

3. You must fill out the attached “Storm Scholarship Application”, and submit a copy of the current year’s Notice of Assessment for both parents.

4. If selected, the Player must show a strong commitment to the Program. Failure to make a good effort to attend practices and games could negatively impact the Player from applying for future scholarships. The scholarship recipient’s Coach will be asked at the end of the season to inform the Scholarship committee the level of commitment shown by the player.

5. Only fully completed applications submitted by the published deadline will be considered. Please submit your completed application to or to the address provided above.

PDF Storm Scholarship App Form
Download PDF • 28KB

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