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Canada's Club Licensing Program

Canada's Club Licensing Program - QSP
Quality Soccer Provider

Storm Soccer Club are pleased to announce that as of September 2023 they have been approved as a Quality Soccer Provider.

The Canada Soccer Standards for Quality Soccer are designed to outline the expectations of member organizations in Canada. This means that Storm Soccer Club are able to provide a developmentally appropriate, safe, enjoyable, accessible, inclusive, and welcoming playing environment for their players, which differentiates it from non-member soccer and unorganized play.

In order to be considered as a Quality Soccer Provider, member organizations must also be in good standing with their governing organization(s) and meet the expectations of membership.

This Canada Club Licensing Program is designed to guide Soccer Club’s throughout the country toward best principles for organizational development both on and off the field.

The principles of the Canada Soccer Club Licensing Program are grounded in values which guide the behaviour for all Soccer Clubs and can be utilized to inform choices, establish impacts, and drive outcomes.

The Canada Soccer Club Licensing Program Principles are as follows:

  • Prioritize Fun

  • Emphasize Physical, Mental, and Emotional Safety

  • Provide Developmentally Appropriate, High-Quality Programs

  • Maximize Attraction, Holistic Personal Development, Progression, and Long-Term Engagement

  • Focus on Participant-Centred Decision Making

  • Foster Accessible, Inclusive, and Welcome Environments

  • Act as a Good Corporate and Community Citizen

This is only the first step on Storm’s journey with the Canada Club Licensing Program. Stay tuned for further updates!

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